Ezy Product Details

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   Unique Features
  1. Compatible in both mahajani (Indian) & western style of accounting.
  2. Work from Pen drive.
  3. *1st > Ezy is just a 3-page software—Purchase, Sale & Cashbook (रोकड़ पाना-जमा नाम ).
  4. *1st > Generate detail तकादा/फरदी(outstanding list) without maintaining bill by bill option.
  5. *1st > Maintain petty cash (holayti)
  6. *1st > Data will be auto-deleted after transfer to/merge with another pen drive’s data.
  7. *1st > Auto feed of GSTIN, address & dealer type while creating new party ledger
  8. Auto bank reconciliation
  9. Auto interest calculation with grace days in mahajani & simple interest method
  10. Auto TDS calculation & posting (with auto deleting previous TDS Entries facility)
  11. Auto production of finished goods and by-products
  12. Auto E-way bill generation. No need to go to the portal
  13. Auto GSTIN Validation
  14. Auto GSTR2A Reconciliation
  15. Auto-created GST/RCM masters to avoid mistakes & errors.
  16. Auto calculation & posting of RCM & GST payable in a month
  17. Auto backup at the time of closing software
  18. Auto-posting of salary & wages (including bonus, shift, overtime, hourly basis.)
  19. Auto accounting of salary & wages including bonus, shift, overtime, day /month/ hourly basis.
  20. Auto Generate Employees salary sheet (including bonus, shifting, attendance, overtime, advance, payment, balance etc.)
  21. Data Import & export with bill & inventory. ( Tally to EZY / EZY to Tally )
  22. Easy to customize and low cost of maintenance.
  23. SMS & EMAIL- Bill, outstanding, receiving, Offer, Greeting messages.
  24. Generate interest after temporary adding/editing/deleting entries in party’s ledger but not effecting original ledger.
  25. Import purchase bill
  26. Multi-tasking > Work simultaneously on cash book and sale/purchase book.
  27. Multi-tasking > any reports at the time of billing/voucher entry.
  28. User wise powers and limitations
  29. Data freezing.
  30. Software/user/company password
  31. Scan facility (bill, receiving, docs etc.)
  32. Voluminous data handled by the SQL model.
  33. Multi-company /multi go-down
  34. Multi creation, multi entries & multi editing facility.
  35. Multi deletion of non-working items & ledger
  36. Option for maintaining inventory without billing.
  37. Searching tools to identify and rectify mistakes.
  38. Hide unseasonable items/ no movement goods
  39. Loan calculation,Set Any reminder & to do work list
  40. Merge any items or ledgers
  41. Clear party account after receiving payments
  42. Ready item list (with HSN code and tax rate) of various type of business.
  43. Transfer closing balance (bill by bill) to the next financial year
  44. No need to create tax-wise purchase and sale a/c for generating tax-wise trading a/c
  45. No need to create sub-ledger for generating city/area wise outstanding report.
  46. Can create item under one head (ex. rice a/c).
  47. Edit & delete masters/entries from the place where you created/entered it
  48. Stock transfer option
  49. Month wise day book entries in a single page
  50. Auto recompiles of data/ Auto mismatches confirmation in the data record.
  51. Update/change anything altogether or selected in a single click
  1. Update Changes of GST rates for selected items/groups altogether.
  2. Unit name, HSN Code, op. bal, item rates for any item at any time.
  3. City, area, state, dealer type, account head, item group, item sub-group etc.
  1. Start billing in no time, predefined masters for instant start & avoid mistakes
  2. Billing with the less use of enter key.
  3. Complete billing with just 1 enter key. (Auto pickup of QTY 1, rate & discount).
  4. Multi bills on a single computer for multi-customer handling
  5. Convert sale orders partially or fully into bill automatically
  6. Generate Quotation,Challan, Estimates
  7. Issue loose items in challan and convert into the bill.
  8. Auto-generation of E-way bill number directly.No needs to goto portal.
  9. Itemcode/barcode/bharti/marka/godown/MRP/IMEI/part no. wise billing.
  10. Salesman wise & broker wise billing.
  11. Billing in multi units& rates. (ex. 2 pkt 98.5 kg& charge quintal rate).
  12. Talpati wise billing Facility.(ex. 49.5+48.5+50.5.. or 5*49.5+48.5)
  13. Create a single item to sell either in retail (PCS) or wholesale (CTN.) & get stock in both units (PCS & CTN).
  14. Multiple taxes in single invoice without selecting tax rate
  15. Tax Inclusive /exclusive billing from the same rate column.
  16. Multiple discount and scheme facility. (5%+3%+1%)
  17. Set Party wise& item wise rates, discount and scheme
  18. *Rate wise tax calculation (Ex. Rs.0-1000=5%, 1001 & above = 12%)
  19. Auto calculation of GST (CGST/SGST/IGST), CESS & Addl.CESS.
  20. Auto calculation of expenses (discount/brokerage/commission/wages) etc.
  21. Auto round off of bill (item wise/bill wise)
  22. Provision of add/less in a bill for freight, labour, others.
  23. Cash receiving /advance receiving facility while billing
  24. Cash returner (customer give 4000 bill value 3652 return cash 348)
  25. 4 dedicated buttons to issue professional invoice in A4, A5 size, Thermal printer slip, Mini slip.
  26. Invoice print in local language.
  27. Sale items in any unit and get the total weight of goods in print automatically for transporting goods in a vehicle.
  28. Meter wise billing facility (ex. 5+8+2), the software will auto-create no.of pcs (3 pcs) and net qty (15 meter).
  29. Warn for negative stock, over & under billing qty. from the set parameters
  30. Warn/stop billing if credit limit cross (day wise /amount wise)
  31. View last 5 purchase rate (inclusive tax) from different buyers while billing.
  32. View last 3 deal of buyer/seller while billing
  33. View or set MRP, wholesale rate, Sale, cost + margin rate while billing also.
  34. View party ledgers, party balance, stock ledger, and any report while billing.
  35. Separate and common remarks /narration/ marka for each item in a bill
  36. SMS & e-mail bill in detail or summary
  37. Know billing time, print time & editing time of invoice.
  38. Bill cancellation facility.
  39. Bank Card swipe facility
  40. Goods exchange and return facility in a single bill
  41. Allow/disallow sales in zero quantity or zero rate
  42. Generate as many duplicate bill from the existing bill
  43. Copy/move purchase bill to sale bill
  44. Item Price list available at billing time
  45. Import purchase bill.
  46. Multi-tasking>Work simultaneously on sale/purchase, cash book and reports.
  47. Auto-selection of today's date for fast billing
  48. Jump to any bill while billing by right & left key of computer or by writing bill no.
  49. Auto /Manual bill no. with prefix
  50. Purchase or sale assets through purchase/sales window and maintain stock of asset
  51. Skip Item Quantity, Unit and Price. This feature can be used for the generation of Service Invoices.
  52. Software will Auto-generate tax-wise purchase/sales account in P&L without creating different tax-wise sales /purchase account for billing
  53. Bill an item with single enter key, the software will auto bifurcate size, colour, design etc. from an item and generate invoice and maintain stock
Doing accounting is never easy before
  1. Unlike other software, Record your entire daybook in a single page (रोकड़ पाना) (Marwari system). And saves lots n lots of time
  2. Single page cash book having two sides> left (जमा/receipt) & right (नाम/payment).
  3. No chances of errors & mistakes. Ezy is Just a Copy of handwritten cash book.
  4. No learning & No training. Writing रोकड़ पाना is in the DNA of all Indians.
  5. No need to go to different pages / vouchers (receipt, payment, contra & journal etc.) to write a cash book.
  6. Save entry in 2-3 enters only.
  7. Autosave feature. No chances of data loss
  8. Day Entries remain altogether in a single page cashbook like handwritten cash book. Therefore it is very easy to reconcile, edit or delete any entries
  9. You can view whole cashbook day-wise like you file cashbook manually.
  10. Cash detail feature.
  11. Print रोकड़ पाना in Hindi and English both style
  12. Print daybook(purchase, sale, bank etc.) in रोकड़ पाना style
  13. Print रोकड़ पाना in summarized way (cash sale, cash receipt)
  14. Merge & print months cash book in a single day cash book
  15. Multi-tasking> work/view simultaneously on cash book/billing/reports.
  16. Rokad pana/slip/dox Scan feature.
  17. Single and double entry system
  18. Entry searching facility (party/narration/amount wise)
  19. Write cash received, discount given & interest received entries at a time. Software will auto convert it into 3 entries.
  20. Feeding entries in EZY is just like playing game or ABCD for anyone

   Misc. Features
  1. Auto book-wise bill no. & manual bill no. facility
  2. Auto-selection of current date for more fast accounting
  3. Transfer all entries of a day to another date in a single click.
  4. Separate remarks/narration for each entry
  5. Selecting party name by nickname, alias also
  6. Mistake searching tools
  7. Swipe feature while editing. Ex: entry moves from left (payment) to right (receipt) side or vice-versa.
#1 *Advance tools for analyzing & control the party's outstanding
  1. Entries searching facility (amount, cheque no., narration, GSTIN wise etc)
  2. Entries searching according to city/area/salesman wise
  3. Red & green colour to recognize DR column and CR column
  4. Shift selected entries from one ledger to another ledger.
  5. Get a total of only selected DR entries or selected CR entries
  6. Facility to know which outstanding is cleared with which receiving instantly
  7. Tag which bill cleared with which payments
1. Party Balance Report
  1. Ledger statement with running total balance
  2. Ledger statement in Marwari style
  3. Ledger statement with item detail
  4. Ledger statement with interest.
  5. Ledger statement in different print sizes like A4, A5, mini slip
  6. Month wise ledgers & heads balance
  7. Summarized statement according to nature of transaction. (ex. Total sale, total cash received, total bank received etc. from a party )
  8. Parties Daily comparison of cash received to credit sales
  9. Group-wise statement (opening, debit, credit & closing)
  10. View/print multiple ledger statement altogether
  11. Print only selected entries or after hiding entries
2. Party फ़र्दी/तकादा लिस्ट (Outstanding Report)
  1. Generate bill by bill फ़र्दी/तकादा लिस्ट with due days. (available in 2-5 column )
  2. Generate selected or all area/city/staff/head wise फ़र्दी/तकादा लिस्ट.
  3. Generate Summary Party balances with last pending date (in 5 column page)
  4. Urgent Takada / fardi list (detail party balance) with the date range.
  5. Balance divides according to pending days (0-30 days, 31-60 days, & so on.)
  6. Print party’s balance that crosses the set limit ( Days & Amount wise)
  1. All books of inventory with stock ledger
  2. View, track and reorder stock in a matter of seconds
  3. Go-down wise stock report
  4. View closing stock in double/triple unit
  5. View closing stock in a 5 columns page
  6. View detailed multiunit stock ( opening, purchase, inward, sale, outward, return & closing.) with value
  7. View detailed closing stock (group/subgroup/item code/HSN/MRP wise.)
  8. View item ledger.
  9. Stock ageing analysis
  10. Item critical levels (reorder/minimum/maximum)
  11. Parameterized stock maintenance (size, colour, style, etc)
  12. Stock valuation on multiple methods
  13. View item movement in detail (bill by bill )
  14. View negative stock report.
#3 Profitability reports (on various parameters)
  1. Profit & loss report (day wise, month wise, bill wise )
  2. Profit & loss report (item-wise, group & sub group-wise)
  3. Profit & loss report (party-wise, salesman wise)
  4. Profit & loss report (city wise, area wise )
  5. Profit & loss report (FIFO wise, net purchase rate wise) & Many more...
  6. Top 10 profitable parties.

All reports can be filtered or search with date wise, bill no. wise, V.type wise, party-wise, city wise, area wise, salesman, broker, group/subgroup, item wise, part no., sale rate, GST Tax rate wise

  1. Sale/purchase analysis (on various combination)
  2. Purchase/sale registers. (Detail/summary)
  3. Jama bahi, nakal bahi, rokad bahi ( Detail/summary)
  4. Item wise sale/ purchase report
  5. Cash & credit sale /purchase report.
  6. Day wise sorting of items sold (बिक्री छटनी )
  7. Analyze month-wise sale of customers
  8. Analyze month-wise sale of an item/s.
  9. Analyze fast & slow-moving items
  10. View pending orders, orders delivery date.
  11. Bill wise GST tax summary
  12. Party wise item movement analyze
  13. To view city/area/route/salesman/broker wise sale report.
  14. Search detail of an item sold to a particular party.
  15. View detailed sale/purchase bill of a day in a single page.
  16. Check bill editing detail with date and time
  17. All ledgers/heads month-wise view
  18. Trial balance, P&L, balance sheet and many more…
  1. Vikray parchi (including self-purchase)
  2. While making auction bill software will show only those party-list whose vikray parchi is fully or partly pending of that day only.
  3. Just select party to auto-generate sale from vikray parchi or vice-versa.
  4. Auto calculation of expenses like मंडीटैक्स, आड़त, दलाली, मजदूरी, मुद्दत, GST etc.
  5. Auto calculation of mandi tax rebate according to party wise
  6. Jama bahi, nakal bahi, rokad bahi (detail & summary)
  7. Vikray parchi slip, Mandi tax register, auction sale register, etc.
  8. आड़त, ब्याज,लागत,दलाली,मजदूरी, पेंडिंग सौदा, GST, छंटनी रिपोर्ट आदि.
  9. TDS report, Interest report, Dalal wise report, Go-down wise report.
  10. Auto bank reconciliation, Auto E-way bill generation, GSTR 2a Reconciliation


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